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Microsoft 365 & Dynamics 365 Sales Professional – Better Together Part II

The pandemic fundamentally changed B2B buying and selling, with 42% of US sellers reporting that their organization has fewer salespeople than before COVID-19. In this second part of a partner-facing-only infographic series about how to be a Microsoft 365 & Dynamic 365 Sales Professional, get sample questions sellers should ask to take the conversation to Business Decision Makers (BDMs).

Check out the table with references to specific questions for specific management audiences. Whether you’re selling to SMBs and have an opportunity to talk to a Sales Executive, Sales Manager, or Sales Operations Manager, these helpful tips will set you in forward motion. (Note: This infographic is partner-facing only.)

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Business Applications

When facing disruptive change, a seeming hallmark of these times, agility and innovation are no longer “nice to haves.” Microsoft Dynamics 365, boosted by intelligent business applications, is empowering countless businesses worldwide to thrive in this changing business landscape where resiliency is a necessity.

The connected, intelligent applications within Dynamics 365 offer businesses limitless possibilities to innovate, create impact, adapt faster, respond rapidly, and work smarter—all while unifying data to deliver more forward-thinking customer experiences.

Connect your workforce to real-time insights, so you can innovate everywhere. With Dynamics 365, your business will be ready for what’s next.

RACQ customer experience transformed by with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) in Australia replaced a 22-year-old legacy platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft 365. This new pipeline delivers streamlined processes and a digital feedback loop with a single source of insights for staff responding to member inquiries.

The result? More engaged workers and better service for its 1.7 million members, leading to improved satisfaction.

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