Risk Management Best Practices

Part of the natural landscape of every business is risk—some level of uncertainty that comes from not knowing how events will unfold as you and your team innovate. However, understanding risk management best practices can help anticipate potential issues and develop a plan.

From securing cloud-based options to identifying cyber threats and other financial crimes, risk management is crucial in building business agility.

Review our latest infographic to learn what you can do to minimize risks and reduce your exposure across key aspects of your business.

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Eight Finance Trends Every CFO Should Know

The CFO’s role can be summarized with these two truths: 1) If something impacts the bottom line, it’s the CFO’s responsibility, and 2) Everything impacts the bottom line.

From unified data to intelligent technology powering finance operations, discover the eight key trends that are affecting the CFO’s role.

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Streamline workflows and accelerate sales

The pandemic fundamentally changed B2B buying and selling, as 42% of US sellers report their organization has fewer salespeople than before COVID-19. At the same time, the average buying committee has grown from 11 to 17 members, but the amount of time buyers spend with sellers has dropped to 17%—over 80% of the buyers’ time is spent researching online and discussing matters internally. Microsoft has fundamentally upended the sales culture, and with help from the Activate Digital Sales solution space, you can take advantage of prioritized cases to unlock data to discover your next opportunity

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