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Three ways to take cloud-based ERP to the next level

In today’s business environment, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are crucial—especially in a post-COVID world, where meetings are more often streamed, and work is conducted from home. By bringing together functions such as financial management, operations, manufacturing, reporting and analytics, and human resources, ERPs enable companies to be run remotely while maintaining security and driving cost efficiency.

Learn how to take your cloud-based ERP to the next level while expanding the flexibility and adaptability of your business.

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Virgin Atlantic reaches new heights with innovations powered by the Microsoft Cloud

Virgin Atlantic chose Microsoft 365 as the platform for its digital transformation to support the digitalization that will keep the airline at the forefront of the industry. With security top of mind, they created an app using Teams to help them better manage their fleet and get a better picture of potential maintenance delays.

Virgin was able to speed up processes and improve tasks after going through this transformation phase—including the adoption of security tools like Microsoft Defender. Having access to a wide range of modern collaboration tools and quick solutions helped them coordinate their workforce. Microsoft Teams now plays a vital role in their hybrid workforce.

Read the customer success story and learn how Microsoft 365 can help improve the overall efficiency and work processes of any organization.

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This is how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing influencer marketing

AI is a complicated learning system that requires continuous human vetting and iteration. While it has improved the influencer marketing game, it’s still only as good as the instructions the marketer gives it. AI can also correct mishaps with brand names and logos, and automatically redirect posts to the company’s social media page. Learn what leaders in the industry are saying about why it’s important to pay attention to how AI bots field interactions with consumers when it comes to sales.

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